Who am I?

A full stack developer, from the government world. I went mobile and freelance in 2005 and started cranking out games and apps. My App store portfolio with iParty Mobile is more than 20 apps deep. I've written some awesome web applications, tons of web APIs and several frameworks. I consider myself both a designer and a developer and have a passion for designing great applications and products.

Specialties and Beliefs

I specialize in iOS development because I love the mobile platform and the great work that Apple is doing to continually progress its Platform. I also <3 Ruby on Rails because it is super powerful and it allows me to create great web applications and APIs extremely quickly.

I believe that what makes great projects is great design and that well written, clean code is just as important a part of a projects' design as its user interface.

My Repos

Check out some of my open source Repos on my github page:

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